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Don't let your great ideas die. Start presenting with purpose today!

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Presentations are a powerful medium of change. Every time you step in front of an audience you have the opportunity to change your career, your business, and maybe even the world.

You can change your…


If you communicate your message
so it inspires action.

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The challenge that exists in every presentation is bridging the gap between your desired outcome and the predispositions of your audience. Our design and education services ensure your presentation eliminates the gap, replacing it with a common understanding that inspires interest, enthusiasm and action.

We eliminate the gap


Replacing it with
interest, enthusiasm, and action.

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Your presentation is meaningless if it doesn’t resonate with the audience. By employing an audience centric approach to presenting ideas we’re able to structure content, integrate story and give data meaning to maximize understanding and provide real value.

By making your audience the…


You create meaning and provide value.

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Don't let your great ideas die. Start presenting with purpose today!

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  • “Engaging workshop. Dynamic presenter. Interactive activities. Walked away with concrete ideas for future presentations.”

    – Community Advocate, United Way of Tucson
  • “Ashley and I worked on an important sales presentation for a prospective national client. Working with Ashley was easy, collaborative and efficient. And the results were terrific.”

    – Principal, ALPAUGH + Associates
  • “Ashley does outstanding work. He has helped us reformat our presentations to be much more professional in clarity and look. I highly recommend him.”

    – CEO, Tempronics
  • “We worked with Ashley Bright Presents to create an executive keynote presentation for a conference with over 3,000 attendees. I had high expectations when we started the project. They exceeded them all.”

    – Senior Director of Communications, Infusionsoft
  • “Working with Ashley Bright on this presentation was a pleasure: a perfect blend of on-target design and a results-oriented experience.”

    – Program Manager, Razorfish
  • “Whether you love or loathe giving presentations, Ashley will show you how to step things up-considerably. Building a great deck is in his DNA. And he’s a great teacher, too.”

    – Senior Copywriter, POP
  • “Ashley Bright is a master at truly understanding a business concept and creating a compelling visual presentation that really works.  In short “he gets it” and that is very rare.”

    – Founder, Insureon, LLC
  • “He is meticulous in preparing for presentations, building a story that leads the client through the process and thinking that went into the solutions.”

    – Senior Designer, Expedia
  • “I would highly recommend the workshop to anyone looking to sharpen his or her presentation skills and general understanding of speaker to audience relationships.”

    – Team Lead, Amazon Web Services
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